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Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are the ideal beginner pet because they are social animal that very rarely bite or scratch and although they can be nervous, they are normally very quite animals which become tamer the more they are handled. When fully grown, at about 16 weeks, a Guinea Pig will be about 20-30cm in length, so they are quite large and will need space. Life span of guinea pigs are 4-8 years.

Here at PETSplus we stock a selection of Guinea Pigs for you to buy in store. Guinea pigs are sociable animals and prefer to live with another guinea pig rather than alone.
Unneutered Guinea Pigs more than likely will fight, so it is recommended that you neuter your Guinea Pigs. Recommended pairings are two females, or a neutered male and a neuter female.Two male Guinea Pigs will fight, so it is recommended that they are not kept together.
Here at pets plus we offer a start up kit for first time guinea pig owners. This kit includes: A cage (indoor) or a hutch(outdoor), bedding(wood shavings/sawdust),guinea pig food and hay, water bottle and food ball, chew toy, grooming brush and treats.

Staff at PETSplus will be happy to answer any question you may have on guinea pigs.