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Cat Food

Keeping slim and lean is a major problem for the indoor cat. Typically, a cat living in a stable, warm but restricted space will have less opportunity for exercise. This less active lifestyle means it is much harder for indoor cats to retain their natural shape than outdoor cats and they can easily become overweight or even obese.

The first requirement for an indoor cat is to avoid the over-feeding which can lead to obesity, itself a major cause of a number of related health problems including an increased risk of diabetes. It is easy to over-feed your cat if you leave an unmeasured amount of food out during the day, so measure it carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions, your vet’s advice and in line with your assessment of body condition. Treats and cat milk should also be accounted for.

At PETSplus we have a variety of dry and wet foods to suit your cat’s needs. We offer Royal Canin, SupaCat, Felix and other brands fro you to chose from. We also have a selection of nutritious cat treats for your feline friend!